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Experience craft coffee, Connection, and community in a whole new way

Personal face-to-face relationships have taken a backseat to the many social media outlets that we use to communicate with each other today. It is much easier to resort to Facebook with what you are thinking, tweet where you are going or maybe text your ideas to someone. All these are great tools but they leave out the value of a personal conversation. A conversation that shares laughter, tears, handshakes and hugs.

People need a “third place”. First, we spend so much of our time at home taking care of chores, preparing and cleaning up meals, working on the house or yard. Secondly, it seems like the majority of time is dedicated to working and be able to pay for the upkeep on our home, auto, kid’s education and extra-curriculars! We need a “third place” where we can find community. A “third place” such as Shared Table Coffeehouse, where we can relax and be real, share our lives with others and not worry about cooking and cleaning.

The Shared Table Coffee Shop is a coffeehouse that specializes in outstanding coffee in a casual, uniquely comfortable atmosphere. Drinks and eats are to be enjoyed in comfortable seating areas or tables where conversation is enjoyed and life grows richer. If you do need time alone, we have a place for you. Enjoy our reading and computer tables.

All proceeds from the Shared Table Coffee Shop go toward supporting local and global community partners and creating social justice. We hope you come by with friends to connect, enjoy some coffee and treats and help support our mission efforts. Learn more.

The Shared Table Coffee Shop is located at 2660 Belt Line Road, Garland, Texas. Hope to see you soon!

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